Our system is comprised of a series of applications and services, most of which are hosted within client locations. The overall system has been designed to be minimally dependent upon the internet, with the goal of retaining maximum functionality during disasters and other types of outages.

Unlike other solutions, which obscure the true cost through options, fees, and integrations, our pricing remains a flat 5% of transactions, and all capabilities are available all the time to all customers.

Paypoint started from a simple observation: existing Point of Sale was impossibly hard to use. Point of Sale should be so easy to use you don't need training to use it. We trust that after five minutes with Paypoint, you'll never look at your legacy software solution the same.

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Pointman is the back office scheduling and management app for OSX, Windows and Linux. It leverages the power of your Pesto Metatron server to make bidding, scheduling and invoicing outside service appointments a breeze. Pointman allows you to document and organize your projects and work orders in a straightforward way that minimizes error and return trips for your service techs. Our modern and intuitive interface wastes few clicks getting your managers and support reps the info they need quick and accurately.

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